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By being fully present to your senses (hearing, taste, touch, sight and smell), a simple moment can bring you great joy.
When you are in front of a painting, listen to the corresponding audio before doing the activity related to the work.


I realised these art works and put this experience together with a lot of love, passion and efforts. I hope you enjoyed it.

Such events also requires funds. I believe art, mindfulness and gratefulness can bring joy and in certain cases change people life. That is why I see it as my mission to keep going with your help of course.

A $25 contribution is suggested, but any amount counts. You can make an Interac trafer at (answer to question: love) or click on the Paypal button below. 

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Another way to contribute, is to show some love on my social networks.

Thanks for beign here and for your support.

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Original Works and Gifts

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