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Have yourself or a beloved one painted through the eyes of Love

Merci la vie_edited.jpg

Love Portrait

I will create a beautiful portrait from a provided picture. It can be done with charcoal (Black and white) on paper or oil painting on canvas.

See charcoal portrait prices here.

See oil portrait prices here.

Blossom Portrait

In my secret den in Quebec city, I hide a beautiful treasure. You will be able to explore and play with the different pieces of jewelry, fabric to create an original look for a photo session. One picture will then be selected to create your uplifting oil portrait that will show all the love and beauty you have inside.

Contact me and let's get the magic started.

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Photo finale_petit.jpg

Inspiring story

A celebrity or event is inspiring you and you would love to have a painting about it. We can work the project together.

Contact me and let's get the magic started.

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